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In Loving Memory 

In Loving Memory 
Coach Denny Mullally

Memorial Service Info:
Saturday, December 11th @ St John Neumann Church. 44800 Warren Rd, Canton, MI 48187
10:30a - Viewing
11:00a - Mass/Ceremony



MC9 Baseball Club is proud to announce that our annual sponsor a family fundraiser, is getting started again! 
MC9 Baseball continues to help support our community members that could use a helping hand during the holidays.

Last year we sponsored three families (two from the MC9 organization and one from the 8U team) for the holidays, and we are ready to do it again! 

MC9 feels it is necessary for our baseball family members to understand how fortunate we are each and every day. It’s part of our mission, as an organization, to help in any way we can, especially during this time of the year.  

We will have our annual  donation box at our Baseball facility (8341 Ronda Dr., Canton, MI. 48187) to start (safely)  collecting items and donations. This box will be available starting Wednesday, December 1st until Sunday, December 12th. Please do what you can to help these familes in need. It really goes a long way to help make a difference for these families. 

If you know of a family that have children and could use help for the holidays, a family (head of household that has lost employment due to the Covid virus), or a family that just needs help to make a holiday possible for their kids, please let us know. We are here to help!  

We will start accepting all potential recipient names starting ASAP.  MC9 will continue to collect entries until 11:59p. on Sunday, December 12th, to qualify for 2021 sponsorship.  

If you woud like information on how to help or submit a family name, please contact us at: 

All entries must include:  
1. Name(s) of the family nominated, number off family members, and ages of family members.
2. MC9 will also need a  brief (at least a paragraph) description of why you believe this family would benefit from our help. 

ALL names and contacts will be withheld from any public posting for privacy purposes. 

We will be collectively choosing familes based on most needed and necessity.

Thank you in advance for continuing to help MC9 Baseball Club spread the holiday cheer for another year! Its takes a village of  baseball families to help make the holidays special for everyone!

Happy Holidays from our MC9 family to yours.


MC9...Your Travel Baseball Destination!


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Looking for 1 Player

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About Motor City 9

About Motor City 9About Motor City 9
Motor City Nine (MC9) is a travel baseball organization based in Canton, Michigan. MC9 Baseball has been a part of our community since 2017. Our teams range in ages from 8-18 years old. We continue to grow every year while expanding into, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, and Washtenaw Counties. MC9 Baseball Club offers a safe and structured environment for our young athletes within our organization while providing every opportunity for growth within our indoor facility.

We at MC9 pride ourselves in helping develop our young baseball players to achieve their goals. In addition, we help customize the best practice plan to accommodate every individual and their baseball needs.

We offer lessons (hitting, pitching, catching, training, etc.,) from our skilled, trained, and highly motivated MC9 staff. We also offer cage and facility rentals for a small but affordable price.

For more information, please contact us for pricing questions or to schedule a tour of our training facilities. We look forward to meeting you and your family and hopefully welcoming you to our MC9 baseball family!


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MC9...your travel Baseball destination!

MC9 Baseball & Rapsodo

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MC9 Baseball and WIN REALITY are joining forces!

MC9 Baseball will be the first organization in the state of Michigan to use this NEWLY development tool.

We are happy to join forces with a winning program used by 20+ MLB teams, the MLB Player’s Association, and major colleges and universities, throughout the country. MC9 is excited to be able to introduce the newest technology, Virtual Reality pitch recognition, to better our players and our organization.

Please feel free reach out to our newest partner Win Reality and MC9 Baseball for more information about VR technology.

Win Reality will be accessible for MC9 Players and teams, for training purposes, while working out in our indoor facility. We will also be introducing Win Reality technology to our private instructors. Win Reality VR tech tool will also be available to the general public for rental times while training in our facility. Be on the look out for sign up times, demos, and free Win Reality and MC9 give aways.

We want to thank Win Reality for choosing MC9 Baseball to partner with. We know you could have chosen anyone to help build your brand and you chose us. We look forward to helping you build the brand as well as building an even stronger travel baseball organization.


MC9 & WR....your travel Baseball destination! ⚾️🏆

2022 Coaches & Staff

Jeff Rhein

President/ GM

Jammar Watson

8U Head Coach

Terry Navarre

9U Head Coach

Josh Mankowski

10U Head Coach

Andrew Meier

10U Head Coach

Jon Allen

11U Head Coach

Charlie Suder

11U Head Coach

Dwayne Kelly

12U Head Coach

Jermey McLaughlin

12U Head Coach

Denny Mullally

13U Head Coach

Chris Nash

14U Head Coach

Jerry Yatooma

14U Head Coach

Chris Danowski

15U Head Coach

Charlie Winstel

15U Head Coach

Daniel Douglas

17U Head Coach

Zach Beadle

Catching Instructor/Trainer

Kyle Roberts

Pitching Instructor/Trainer

MC9 Organizational Success

2021 9U (Meier) The Cage Championship - (Ypsilanti, MI) Champions 🏆 Florence Y'Alls Spring Fling - (Florence, KY) Champions 🏆 FAAST - Spring Warm up (Monroe, MI) 🥈 USSSA -Kensington Valley Classic - (Farmington, MI)🏆 Battle of the Bats - (Sandusky, OH)🏆 USSSA - AA State Championship 🥈 USSSA - Michigan M0nster 🏆 10U (Allen) Oakland County Slug Fest (Novi, MI)🏆 FAAST - Memorial Weekend Sizzler (Toledo, OH)🏆 FAAST - June Blast at Power Park 🏆 11U (Kelly) March Cage Championship - (Ypsilanti, MI) Champions 🏆 USSSA - Spring Fling (Flint, MI) 🏆 Kerwin Classic - Champions (Garden City, MI) 🏆 Northville Early Bird Classic 🏆 Game Day Silver Series Championship 🏆 13 U (Yatooma) FAAST - June Blast at Power Park 🏆 Maryland Youth World Series 🏆 14U (Winstel) FAAST Oakland County Challenge (EMU, MI)🏆 2020 8U (Meier) 2020 FAAST Cage Slam - Champions🏆 2020 FAAST Toledo Slam Jam - Champions🏆 2020 FASST Toledo June Bash - Champions🏆 2020 USSSA Kings of Summer - Runner Up🥈 2020 Michigan Monster - Champions🏆 2020 USSSA AA States- Champions🏆 10U (Kelley) 2020 FAAST - Cage Slam SEMTA Mid Summer Challenge - Runner Up🥈 14U (Winstel) 2020 FAAST Toledo June Bash - Runner Up🥈 2020 FAAST Toledo June Bash - Champions🏆 2020 USSSA Summer Smack Down - Champions🏆 15U (Danowski) 2020 Wolves 12th Annual Rockford River Challenge - Runner Up🥈 2020 Wolves USA Travel Sports World - Runner Up🥈 16U (Meadows) E Michigan USSSA Collegiate Showcase - Champions🏆 17U (Whithem) Adrian College showcase - Runner up 🥈 2019 8U (Meier) 2019 FAAST Firecracker Classic - Champions🏆 2019 FAAST Slobbernocker - Runner Up🥈 13U (MacIntosh) 2019 Mothers Day Bash Sports Force Park - Champions🏆 2019 Backyard Early Bird Total Sports Wixom - Champions🏆 2019 Spring Shootout Bullpen Westfield Indiana - Champions🏆 2019 USSSA Canton Classic - Champions🏆 2019 FAAST July Bash - Champions🏆 18U (Crain) 2019 Pastime Northwestern Tournament - Champions🏆


MC9 facility is located at 8341 Rhonda drive, in Canton, MI.  Our facility is 9000 sq.ft. heated building with multiple playing /practicing turfed in areas. MC9 is equipped with 2 tunnels , mobile pitching mounds, large turfed area for drills, friendly/comfortable family room, video room, and our own WIN Virtual Reality training area. We continue to clean and sanitize to offer a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. 

Our conference room comes complete with dry erase board, and streaming television capabilities for video analysis, replay, and instruction.

MC9 is available for team rentals, individual rentals, and instructional lessons. In addition, MC9 offers a wide range of instructional lessons (Hitting, Pitching, Catching, and Training) at reasonable prices.

For More information:

Photos courtesy of: Randy Hartford

MC9 Hours of Operation

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri. 12a - 5p
Sat - By Appointment
Sun - By Appointment

Drop In:  
Mon - Fri. 12p - 5p
Sat/Sun: By Appointment

(ALL drop in slots are open to the public for $8 per session). Payments are due at time of arrival.
(Monthly Memberships are available for $35 per month or $40 if you include Weights)

By Appointment

All times are subject to change. Please call ahead if you are interested in rental times.
All players/coaches MUST sign a waiver before participating in ANY indoor activities.

Thank you for choosing MC9 for your Baseball needs.

For Pricing and Availability, Contact:

info@mc9baseballclub .com      


MC9 Alumni

Kyle Aniol

Plymouth HS (2018); Madonna University (2019-

Nate Blain

Canton HS (2019); Madonna University ( 2019-

Zach Beadle

Plymouth HS (2018); Madonna University (2019-

Matt Crain

Northville HS (2019), Northwood University (2019 - 2021), Alma College (2021-

Dalton D’Alexander

Plymouth HS (2019); Schoolcraft College (2019-

Logan Dziadzio

Plymouth HS (2018); Madonna University (2019-

Anthony Sharkas

Plymouth HS (2019); Eastern Michigan University (2020-

Drew Smith

Dexter HS (2018); Olivet College (2019-

Kevin Tuttle

Riverview Gabriel Richard HS (2019); Alma College (2020-

Kane Elmy

Plymouth HS (2021); Marshall University (2021-

Tanner Younglas

Plymouth HS (2021); Alma College (2021-

Marco Murillo

Dearborn HS (2021); Rochester University ( 2021-

Main Categories

New Arrivals

MC9 Training

Training with Coach Kyle

  • One hour pitching training with Coach Kyle

Training with Coach Kyle

  • One half hour pitching training with Coach Kyle

Training with Coach Zach

  • One half hour catching lesson with Coach Zach.

Training with Coach Zach

  • One hour catching lesson with Coach Zach.


  • 8341 Ronda Drive, Canton, MI, USA