MC9 Baseball and WIN REALITY have joined forces!

MC9 Baseball was the first organization in the state of Michigan to use this amazing development tool.

We've been happy we joined forces with the WR program used by 20+ MLB teams, the MLB Player’s Association, and major colleges and universities, throughout the country. MC9 is excited to introduce the hottest technology and Virtual Reality pitch recognition, to better our ball players and our organization.

Please feel free reach out to MC9 Baseball for more information about VR technology.


Win Reality will be accessible for MC9 Players and teams, for training purposes, while working out in our indoor facility. We will also be introducing Win Reality technology to our private instructors. Win Reality VR tech tool will also be available to the general public for rental times while training in our facility. Be on the look out for sign up times, demos, and free Win Reality and MC9 give aways.

We want to thank Win Reality for choosing MC9 Baseball to partner with. We know you could have chosen anyone to help build your brand and you chose us. We look forward to helping you build the brand as well as building an even stronger travel baseball organization.


MC9 & WR....your travel Baseball destination! ⚾️🏆