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As a follow up to our previous post, it is very unfortunate, extremely troubling and deeply disturbing that we must again write to address these false and defamatory rumors. I have spent, virtually my entire life involved in the wonderful game of baseball, as a player, coach and executive. MC 9's mission is much more than winning baseball games and championships. It is also to help boys become great people and ultimately great men, on and off the field. The lessons that baseball teaches translate to so many other areas of life.

MC9 has always welcomed competition and believed that great competition makes for great baseball in Michigan and elsewhere. We have wished nothing but the best for our local competitors, except of course when we meet on the field.

We have recently learned of powerful and very compelling evidence that one of our local competitors is actively and maliciously trying to sabotage and destroy MC9 through a series of lies, defamatory statements and other misconduct.

For example, a former coach and employee - who now works for the competitor - is under investigation by local authorities for engaging in serious misconduct directly and intentionally causing MC9 harm during their regrettable time with MC9. Additionally, high level executives from this same competitor have made it clear directly to at least one MC9 employee that his organization intends to put MC9 out of business.

Let me be clear once again: MC9 is not going anywhere. We are dedicated to helping boys learn how to play baseball properly, win championships and, most importantly, be champions off the field. We want their experience with MC9 to be something they will remember with great pride and joy for the rest of their lives. We proudly stand by MC9's track record of success in all of these areas.

Rest assured, MC 9 is taking all actions necessary to protect its interests from these despicable and unlawful actions, which affect so many of our wonderful kids and parents. If and when it becomes necessary to provide additional information, we will do so.

In the meantime, we ask that if anyone has any questions that they call us directly at 734.657.7069. Thank you very much. MC9 hopes that all of you have a wonderful weekend.



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